Please Note: These items are not for sale, I’ve listed the prices just to give people an idea to people on how much I’ve personaly spent (including shipping) on these items. And to also keep a record for my insurance in case anything happens to my residence. Please click on thumbnails for a larger image and more detailed photographs.

Maiko Hiki 001

My first Maiko Hikizuri (and also my first hikizuri). Originally the eBay auction went for 2500.00 but who ever won it never paid up, and I received a tip from a friend to contact the seller and make an offer. I offered them 500 and luckily they accepted! =D

Geisha Hiki 001

My first Geisha Hikizuri. It was originally listed as sold when I first saw it on Ichiroya but like my maiko hiki the original buyer decided to back out and I got another chance. Shortly after I found out it was worn at 2 erikae Mahiro’s and Makino’s =D What a treasure!!!

Geisha Hiki 002

My second Geisha Hikizuri. I found this beauty as a buy it now on eBay. It was love at first sight… I have a weakness for wave motifs.. 🙂 What a gorgeous art piece.

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