Please Note: These items are not for sale, I’ve listed the prices just to give people an idea to people on how much I’ve personaly spent (including shipping) on these items. And to also keep a record for my insurance in case anything happens to my residence. Please click on thumbnails for a larger image and more detailed photographs.

Furisode 001

This was my very first kimono. I saw it on ebay and asked if my bf could buy it for me if I’d pay him back for it (I didn’t have an ebay account back then). Needless to say he did although at first he lied and told me he lost the auction but then later on surprised me with it. Although to this day he does not understand my obsession with kimono it was the sweetest gift he has ever gotten for me. This furisode will always hold a special place in my heart, not only because it was my first kimono but it was a gift from him. Although it is no longer my favorite in terms of design, I would cry till the end of time if anything was to happen to it.

Furisode 002

This was my second furisode which I bought during my trip to Japan in 2009. I purchased it from a small kimono store in the big famous market in Kyoto (The name escapes me know but its the one with the giant fish section). The funny thing to this story is we went twice, the first time we tried to find the market we totally passed it (a giant shopping center) haha we walked so far in the rain… anyways the store people were very nice. At first they couldn’t understand my horrible Japanese so they asked me to write down my budget on a paper, haha after they saw that I could afford it they took me up states and showed me all their pretty furisode. They even dressed me in each one! It was so nice of them I felt really special. Anyways they offered to sell me a full set for 1000 yen, but back then I was still a student and I didn’t take it because I did not know how much the trip was going to end up costing (It was only day 3). In the end I ended up being way under budget and regretting not going for the set… I think its cost me twice as much now to find the right accessories and to be honest I still don’t feel the obi I got matches. Live and learn.

Furisode 003

This is my third furisode which I bought in during my time at Lucas Film Animation. I was just having an extremely awful week, so to cheer myself up I ended up checking out Shinei’s website and ran across this beauty… it was instant love…Needless to say I purchased it by the next morning and it came to live with me! To this day its my favorite.

Furisode 003

Ok realistically this was my 6th furisode but I sold the other two, but I found this beauty on eBay shortly after purchasing the geisha hiki of ichiroya, I figured what the hell I wouldn’t be buying much in terms of kimono this year, I’ll bid the minimum. No one bid against me.

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