Darari Obi

Please Note: These items are not for sale, I’ve listed the prices just to give people an idea to people on how much I’ve personally spent (including shipping) on these items. And to also keep a record for my insurance in case anything happens to my residence. Please click on thumbnails for a larger image and more detailed photographs.

Darari 001My first Darari Obi. I purchased her from another forum member on IG who sadly had to sell it after shortly purchasing it due to rough times.
This darari is from the Odamoto Okiya used for formal events. Unfortunately I learned that the obi is unwearable as the fabric is fraying on the crested tail end were it used to drag along the floor during dance. It also has some thinning fabric where a previous repair was attempted. I hope one day to have it restored but till then she’s found a good home where she wont be further damaged.

Darari 002
My second Darari. It’s origins come from the Umeno Okiya. I purchased this beauty of eBay to go with my blue hikizuri, but unfortunately it was in such horrible shape that I had it converted into an easy obi after 2 years of debating what to do with it..

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